One-to-one Coaching Programmes

Our one-to-one coaching programmes offer tailored support to address the many challenges that individuals face in their professional environments and their personal and professional journeys.

Individuals from any and every industry can benefit from a tailored approach to coaching.  Those in need of renewed motivation, a more refined vision of their goals or increased leadership presence and authority, will find the most effective strategy for their success.  We specialise in helping those who are ready to fulfil their leadership potential.

We use a holistic approach to help you reflect on yourself as a person outside, as well as inside, the workplace. This creates the deep self-awareness that builds the courage and self-confidence to be successful in business and leadership.

We set goals at the outset of each coaching programme which may or may not be agreed with your line manager (often depending on who is sponsoring the coaching).  These goals are revisited, and if necessary tweaked, during the course of the programme and at the end to reflect on and measure the impact of the changes that have occurred.

Our programmes are flexible in length and are available in 3, 6 and 12 month durations.  You will have a 90 -120 minute session with your coach on a monthly basis.  We recommend using an assessment tool alongside 360-degree feedback to accelerate the self-awareness at the beginning of the programme.

Current Pricing

  • 3 month programme: £2,025 plus VAT
  • 6 month programme: £3,825 plus VAT
  • 12 month programme: £7,200 plus VAT
  • Add an in-depth assessment and feedback for £750 plus VAT and 360-degree feedback for £750 plus VAT

Other programmes are available with other pricing structures so please do get in touch if you’re interested in a tailored programme structure: