Executive Assessment

To complement our coaching, training and facilitation services, we also offer executive assessment services based upon the Discovery Process.  This is an innovative and cutting edge assessment instrument which is more in-depth and accurate than other solutions on the market. It was designed specifically for business use and takes only 20 – 25 minutes to easily complete online.

Our assessment utilises a mathematical science with very high validity to measure 78 traits directly linked to a person’s Emotional Intelligence as well as measuring a person’s Value structure and Behaviours. Combining these three intrinsically linked areas provides results that enable you to understand the big picture, measured in a manner whereby the individual is unable to manipulate the outcome.

As well as being highly accurate, this assessment tool is very flexible, offering simple (12 page) or in-depth (50+ pages) reports.  In addition to these individual reports, we also provide the following value-add assessment services:

  • One-to-one feedbacks with a coach which bring the assessment reports to life and enable individuals to think about how to use their new awareness
  • Validation interviews conducted by a coach / psychologist who will then report on a candidate’s suitability for a role or promotion
  • Team dynamics and communication sessions
  • Other talent, engagement and coaching progammes

Please contact us for further information on services and fees: alison@hugheslewis.com