Leader as Coach

Why do Senior Leaders need Peer Coaching and to learn Coaching Skills?

You know there are strategic problems in your business that need to be addressed. Perhaps your own work/life balance is not as you would want it to be? But there is no time to think about how to solve the conundrum or to address what you know isn’t working? And it’s lonely at the top. Who can you share your worries with, and when?

We will give you solutions to your problems, improve your Coaching Skills, and the space and time to reflect, learn from and share with like-minded peers.

Our Coaching Skills for Senior Leaders programme will:

  • Provide you with individualised coaching to solve your own pressing concerns
  • Generate break-through thinking on ‘stuck’ issues and allow new ideas to emerge¬†
  • Teach you listening, questioning and feedback skills to enable you to coach your own reports and teams towards improved performance and instil a coaching culture in your organisation
  • Foster supportive and collaborative relationships with trusted colleagues who understand
  • Enable you to continue your co-coaching after the end of the programme, ensuring a long-term development experience and continued peer support

Programme format:

The programme is delivered using Action Learning Sets. In this proven format of ‘many-to-one’ coaching, Leaders learn to co-coach as a group, delivering valuable insights and performance improvements to each individual member of the group.
The programme is delivered across 9-12 months and includes:

  • One full day: introduction to Action Learning Sets and Coaching Skills
  • Eight half-day Action Learning Set sessions where Leaders co-coach each other, honing and embedding your new coaching skills.


The leveraged approach of Action Learning Sets offers cost-effective training; the price per person is £3,000 + VAT which is equivalent to five days coaching and training. The group size is limited to six.

For more information, contact alison@hugheslewis.com