Women in Business & Leadership

Our Women in Business & Leadership (WiBL) programmes offer tailored support to address the challenges that many executive and entrepreneurial women face in both their professional environment and personal professional journeys.

Female professionals in every industry, business owners and non-profit executives can benefit from this specific and tailored approach to leadership coaching. Women with any number of challenges, such as those in need of renewed motivation, a more refined vision of their goals and improved leadership presence and authority, will find the most effective strategies for their success. Most importantly, WiBL coaching is for those who are ready to fulfil their leadership potential.

We use a holistic approach to help you reflect on yourself as a person outside, as well as inside, the workplace. This creates the deep self-awareness that builds the courage and self-confidence to be successful in business and leadership.

We offer three types of programme within WiBL:

  • One-to-one coaching: a 6 – 12 month programme of monthly two hour coaching sessions focusing on areas such as authentic leadership, strengthening your leadership voice, increasing your confidence and resilience, visioning and motivation.
  • Women in Leadership programmes: one-day training programmes focusing on areas such as authenticity and leadership styles, listening, communication, confidence and appreciation.
  • Group Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs: three monthly half day sessions for women who own/run their own businesses.  Build your thinking and raise your performance in an environment of trust and confidentiality.

To find out more about our programmes, including prices, contact alison@hugheslewis.com