Personal Coaching

Personal coaching can help you to achieve goals and effect positive change in your life, career or business.

We love to use creative approaches to help you unlock your imagination and access the ideas and motivation that will enable you to embed these changes, be they big or small!

What do you want to change?

One-to-one coaching

We use creative approaches including evidence based tools and techniques that are grounded in positive psychology theory.

We stimulate your creativity by using pictures, objects and metaphor to explore the unconscious thoughts that are difficult to access but really valuable.  We might draw or create things that lead you to think of your life from a different angle.

We also use movement to shift perspectives and to stimulate creative thinking through walking meditations and coaching sessions.

Group Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive psychology aims to create a state of enduring happiness and contentment in individuals. 

We run facilitated group sessions focused on the tenets of positive psychology.  Across one or several sessions, the group explores topics such as using strengths in everyday life, living with meaning and purpose, gratitude, mindfulness, optimism and forgiveness.

Walking coaching and the Camper Coach

Recent studies prove that walking can boost creative thinking both during and after the walk.  Walking and teaching has a long history, back to Aristotle who regularly gave lessons while walking.  Many philosophers have also extolled the virtues of walking and thinking, for example Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote “I can only meditate when I am walking.  When I stop, I cease to think; my mind works only with my legs.”.

Walking coaching can really help to “unblock” you, enable you to find your creative reserves and do your best thinking.

Being in nature and being outside can be a real inspiration. This is why I have a mobile coaching venue – the Camper Coach can come to you wherever you’d like to have your coaching session. If you’re lucky enough to be local in Sussex, the beach is a particular favourite!

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